Q & A with Quayce Thomas, co-founder and CEO of Timsle

3 December 2015
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As we celebrated the movers and shakers of Canada’s entrepreneurship movement with the Startup Canada Awards this fall, we also celebrated the triumphs of every entrepreneur with Wolf Blass Wines. Through national social media contests that highlighted the meaning of triumph in the entrepreneurial context, one Canadian entrepreneur was selected for a mentorship lunch with Michael Hyatt, Executive Chairman at BlueCat Networks, investor, and Dragon on CBC’s Next Gen Den – Dragon’s Den.

Quayce Thomas, Co-Founder and CEO of Timsle, boarded ViaRail on Dec. 1 to meet with Michael, and to network with winners of the 2015 national Startup Canada Awards at the CN Tower.
Startup Canada spoke with Quayce just before his meeting.
Startup Canada: What is Timsle?
Quayce Thomas: Timsle is an accountability network designed to keep you motivated towards your daily goals.
Startup Canada: What’s behind the name? 
Quayce Thomas: When I was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I started missing a lot of my soccer games. My friend Josh noticed, and told me that if I ever needed to talk, he was here.
One night, while I was having a bad episode of depression, I called him, and he came back from work and took me to Tim Hortons. I talked about everything that was going on in my life, and it took a huge pressure off my shoulders. After that Tim Hortons would become the place where we would go to talk, and make sure everything was okay. It was sort of our “check-in” spot.
We’re building Timsle to be a check-in spot for anyone, no matter what’s going on in their life. And so we decided to name it after that first, and incredibly important, check-in experience at Tim Hortons.
Startup Canada: What impact can an app like this have on mental health? 
Quayce Thomas: When we first set out to build Timsle, it was an app designed to help people with mental health conditions. But we realized that we were building something bigger than that – we were building an opportunity for people to create networks of support to help anyone through a particular time, or to accomplish a particular goal. It could be anything from taking your medications daily, to keeping your room clean. As we grow Timsle, we’re designing it to take away the stigma around managing a mental health condition, by showing that having a close support network is for everyone, no matter what the goal is.

Startup Canada: What’s next for Timsle? 

Quayce Thomas: We are super excited about Timsle’s direction and next steps! We have some really exciting features in the works, for the next phases of Timsle. We’ll be rolling out the Timsle Rewards Store in the coming months – a place to earn rewards for accomplishing your goals. We are also looking to grow our Founding Team, and to begin seeking funding to help us expand quickly. It’s an exciting, key moment in time for Timsle, and so we’re really excited about this trip, courtesy of Startup Canada and Wolf Blass Wines, to meet Next Gen Den’s Dragon, Michael Hyatt!
Startup Canada: What do you hope to get out of your meeting with the Next Gen Den Dragon? 
Quayce Thomas: I’m really excited for this meeting! Timsle is a new enterprise for us, and so it’s really exciting to get the opportunity to discuss it with the much accomplished Mr. Hyatt of Next Gen Den Dragon’s Den! My goals for this meeting are to discuss our monetization strategy for Timsle, and to learn about his journey to success. I believe that he has a lot of knowledge to offer and that the meeting will be a great success!

Startup Canada: What does triumph mean to you? 

Quayce Thomas:  “To accomplish great things, one must have a vision, plan, and belief to be successful” – Wolfgang Blass AM
To me, being triumphant is making it to another new milestone in a constantly growing environment. It’s inspiration to keep moving, to make it to the next one. It’s excitement that I’ve come this far; it’s encouragement, it’s motivation. Triumph comes from hard work, confidence, and a vision. Timsle is very young, but I feel triumphant about this startup, and am very excited to see how it grows!
Thank you to Startup Canada and Wolf Blass Wines for this amazing opportunity!