Top 10 Tips for Writing a Nomination Recommendation Letter

14 June 2017
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Research the Entrepreneur/Company

When writing a nomination compile all the requirements necessary for the application. Don’t forget to see if there are media/video links showing impactful evidence.


Limit Stress Factors  

Have a location where you keep all research, links, and personal ideas in one place. Write down some of the points of why you are thinking of the nominee.


Set Aside Time

Make sure you have time scheduled to focus on writing the recommendation for the award.


Limit Distractions

Turn off notifications for set time to complete letter.


Outline a draft

Prepare your recommendation letter to include:

  • The applicable award
  • The name of the Entrepreneur/Company and as well if they are in a diverse position
  • Contact information of the Entrepreneur/Company (address, phone, email)
  • Supporting evidence of their achievement
  • Why you are nominating them
  • Closing statement
  • Your personal contact information


Review letter

Please review your application to ensure there are no mistakes. You can ask a friend to review your application.



Make sure all links are working and check over that everything is included.


Don’t Miss the Deadline  

Provide a Reference letter with your nomination application.Nominations submitted after June 16 at 11.59 PM PT will not be considered. To avoid deadline stress, try to get yours in early!


Sense of Pride

Congratulate yourself for nominating an Entrepreneur for such a great reward and spread your enthusiasm you may trigger someone else to do the same!


Intense Wait

Follow the #StartupCanAwards journey to see if your nominee wins!


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