The Startup Canada Awards celebrate and distinguish outstanding achievement in advancing Canadian entrepreneurship. Individuals and organizations can self-nominate or nominate someone else for a Startup Canada Award. Click here to submit a nomination today!

Nomination Process


This year, there are 17 Startup Canada Awards in four categories. Click here to view the Nomination Form Questions.

Please follow the instructions below to Submit a Nomination: 

•   Go to 

•   Create an account. Complete the Nomination Form.

Nomination Deadline: June 16, 2017 at 11:59 PT.

Why Nominate?


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Nomination Tips


Make your nominations stand out with these tips! 

•   Budget the time | Ensure to first read over the nomination questions for the award(s) you are applying for and allocate an appropriate amount of time to complete the nomination form. Grab some caffeine and set aside the time to focus on an excellent nomination. Need to take a pause and come back to it? No problem! You can save your nomination and return at your convenience. Just don't miss the June 16 deadline.

•   Tell a compelling story | Persuading the judges with an engaging and enthusiastic read that pulls them in from the start. When telling the nominee's story, use descriptive language and demonstrate results with concrete examples. 

•   Brief your references | Judges are looking for reference letters that demonstrate the author's experience with the nominee, and back up the claims made in the nomination form. Ensure your reference(s) are given sufficient time to write their letter before submitting it to you.

•   Edit and refine | A clean and polished nomination is a judge's delight. Ensure it is concise by focusing on impact and don't let avoidable mistakes like typos and factual mistakes take away from an otherwise well-thought-out nomination.

•   Don't miss the deadline! | Nominations submitted after June 16 at 11.59 PM PT will not be considered. To avoid deadline stress, try to get yours in early!

Note: You can nominate the same person, company, organization or yourself for multiple awards!

Selection Process


Each year the Startup Canada Awards Committee appoints Regional and National Adjudication Committees for the awards. The Adjudication Committees consist of Canada’s leading entrepreneurs and public figures.

Each nomination is reviewed by an internal Preliminary Adjudication Committee which determines the eligibility of each nominee. Nominees are shortlisted for each award and provided to the Regional Adjudication Committee.

The Regional Adjudication Committee evaluates each of the shortlisted nominations and determines the regional award winners. These award winners become eligible to win the national award in their respective categories.

The National Adjudication Committee reviews the regional award winners, and shortlisted nominees for the national only awards, and determines the national award winners.

The recipient of the Adam Chowaniec Lifetime Achievement Award is selected by a special committee which includes the CEO of Startup Canada, Chair of the Startup Canada Board of Directors and the Chair of the Startup Canada Awards Adjudication Committee, among other distinguished individuals.