2015 Winners

Each year, hundreds of nominations for the Startup Canada Awards poured in from across the country to recognize those who embody and have achieved excellence in entrepreneurship. Then, thousands join us to celebrated the regional winners at local, grassroots ceremonies in startup spaces and education hubs across Canada. Watch the journey here.

On. Dec. 1, 2015 we moved from startup spaces to Canada’s tallest structure, the CN Tower, to celebrate the national winners at the Startup Canada Awards Grande Finale. Through their leadership, these winners are nation-builders inspiring the next generation of game changers, disruptors, and innovative leaders. They demonstrate that taking risks, disrupting industries, and supporting one another are pathways to a successful future for all Canadians. On behalf of the team, partners and volunteers who brought these Awards to life, congratulations to the national and regional winners, runners-up and to all of the nominees.


Check out the 2015 National & Regional Winners!

National Winners Startup Canada Awards

East Coast Startup Canada Award Winners

Prairies Startup Canada Award Winners

West Coast and the North Startup Canada Awards Winners 

Quebec  Startup Canada Award Winners

Ontario Startup Canada Awards Winners