Ernest C. Manning Innovation Awards

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This fall, the Ernest C. Manning Awards Foundation and Startup Canada are celebrating the success of our two award programs together. For many years the Foundation has identified and honoured early-stage Canadian innovators for their outstanding innovations and contributions to Canada, and for many years Startup Canada has been identifying and honouring Canadian entrepreneurs for their outstanding work and contributions to Canada.

The Foundation funds the development of training courses that aim to strengthen the knowledge, skills, ethical foundations, communication and leadership capacities of front-line participants in the democratic process. These courses may be customized by third parties for delivery to political volunteers, campaign teams, political staff, interest groups, and candidates for public office. MF also funds research projects that will help inform policy debate, bridge knowledge gaps, and develop a core curriculum for political education and training programs. This research is undertaken by third parties, under contract, or by Fellows of the Foundation.

The Ernest C. Manning Innovation Awards have been called the most prestigious in Canada. Since 1981, when Calgary oilman and philanthropist David E. Mitchell created the Foundation, it has recognized over 2800 nominees and awarded over $4.5M to 160 Manning Laureates. Their innovations span all areas of human endeavor, improving the lives of Canadians and others around the world while adding value to our nation’s economy. In all cases, the innovators have demonstrated entrepreneurial success.

The Manning Innovation Awards’ categories presented at the Startup Canada Awards Finale this year, are the Principle Innovation Award, the David E. Mitchell Award of Distinction, the Arthur J.E. Child Award Foundation Innovation Award, and the Facebook Canada Innovation Award.

In 2019, the Foundation will grant four Innovation Awards. The Innovation Awards consist of the $100,000 Principal Award; the $25,000 David E. Mitchell Award of Distinction; and two innovation awards of $10,000 for those Canadian innovators who do not have the benefit of research facilities or advanced education in the field of their innovation; these will be awarded at the 2019 Startup Canada Grand Finale on October 23rd in Toronto.